Ways To Effectively Use Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing For Your Business

facebook advertisingWith over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook, there is no better way to maximize your exposure and tap into this massive customer base. Facebook marketing is remarkable in providing the capabilities to target a certain audience, monitor the ads performance as well as adjust it to responses. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first but with the right strategies and practices, you should see a positive ROI in very little time. For maximum results, it just takes a few key steps:

Target Specific Demographics with Facebook Advertising PPC

While you could see a reasonable reach using organic strategies, to maximize the results you should make a monetary commitment. Facebook adverts are reasonably low cost and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can easily see a ROI of 200% if used effectively. You can use ”Boost Post” or the “Promoted Posts” option, both allowing you to target certain demographics and set a marketing budget. It will take a few rounds of testing to figure out the best conversion strategy but it will be well worth the investment.

Post regularly

Most social media marketing agents will tell you that there are certain days and certain times of the day you should post for more engagement but you should do your own research, either using Facebook Insights or other methods to see what the optimal posting times are for your target audience. Research suggests that to maintain a social connection with your audience, it is ideal to post 5-10 times per week. Statistics show that at least 50% of all Facebook users login twice a day and therefore need to see fresh content posted regularly. Some guides suggest posting no less than once a day, nevertheless the core concepts are to post whenever you have fascinating content and judge how frequently your audience would like to hear from you.

Run contests and promotions on your Facebook page

Recent statistics suggest that more than a third of Facebook users will like a page if there is a certain incentive to do so. Although there are many people who’ll tell you that they’ve never won anything, they still like to engage in contests. Giving your contest a prime position on your Facebook page leads to greater visibility and the user will remember it because it will be the first thing he/she sees.

Interact with your fans

It takes time to build good relationships with Facebook users but to make this easier you should engage sincerely in discussions (3), always reply to comments, provide valuable content and establish rewards for loyal customers or fans that will help foster beneficial relationships.

To be able to get the most out of your Facebook pay per click marketing , you need a robust strategy and approach. Acquiring a huge amount of “likes” is great, however, if all you do is push out marketing material, people will soon become bored with your Facebook page as well as your business and you’ll likely get hidden in their news feed. Along the same line, hitting 5,000 likes can mean an increase in business as a direct outcome of your Facebook page. Use the simple strategies above and you’ll see increased traffic, reach and conversions.

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