Month: November 2015

MOBE’s 2016 Mastermind Dates & Locations Announced

MOBE has finally posted the dates and locations of the Mastermind events for 2016. MOBE stands for My Online Business Empire.

It’s an exciting array of exotic locations and events occurring throughout the year. There’s a good chance one of the events matches anyone’s schedule as well as his or her travel destination desires.

Here’s what to expect for Mastermind 2016

How does Mexico in February sound? There’s a My Online Business Empire Titanium review floating on that internet that details the Mastermind coming up February 19-23, 2016.

Going Platinum instead? March 18-24 you can visit Fiji for that Mastermind Event. Fiji is known for having over 300 tropical islands, located in the South Pacific. Many of the islands are private, owned by resorts which offer all-inclusive vacations complete with gourmet restaurants and premium spas.

Fiji also has white sand beaches and gin-clear water…perfect for snorkeling or just lazing about (or networking with fellow My Online Business Empire attendees).

From April 27 to May 8, 2016 anyone interested in attending a Diamond Mastermind will be pleased to know the locale is Jamaica. Also home to top resorts (all-inclusive), clear water and white sand beaches, Jamaica also offers exciting nightlife, horseback riding, unique Jerk cuisine, and a fascinating culture. Of course they’re famous for their local liquors and beer as well!

Towards late Spring, there’s another Titanium Mastermind in Thailand from May 26 to May 30, spanning Memorial Day Weekend, if you’re from the USA.

If you can hold out until June for your Platinum Mastermind, you’ll get to attend your event in Greece! From June 9 to June 15, it’s beaches, sand, and culture again…all set within a carefree all-inclusive package that even includes entertainment.

Towards the end of next summer it’s Bali for the Diamond Mastermind event. From August 20 to August 31 enjoy the gorgeous world of Bali, Indonesia as you hone your business skills.

For Fall travelers, there’s Portugal from September 17 to 21. That one’s a Titanium Mastermind event…details coming soon!

For the big Diamond Mastermind event, head to Malta in November of 2016. From the 4th to the 15th it’s pure luxury, amazing food and incredible scenery on this southern European island. The capital Valletta has been named European Culture Capital of 2018…so much to see and do!

Finally, to finish out the year it’s one last Platinum Mastermind event from December 2 to 8. Set in the Bahamas, it’s yet another reason we love those MOBE Mastermind Event locations!

The 3 types of Mastermind event: choose the one that fits your business needs.

The posted schedule includes all three tiers of Mastermind events:

  1. Titanium (3-day premium event)
  2. Platinum (5-day premium event)
  3. Diamond (10-day vacation event)

The Titanium and Diamond events cover aspects of online marketing such as creating sales funnels (Diamond Mastermind), boosting traffic, improving conversion, and leveraging everything to grow your online business (Titanium Mastermind).

The Platinum Mastermind event covers techniques for preserving your health and wealth, a personal finance course so to speak.

Lodging, food, and entertainment are covered for participant and one guest. Each event is designed to be both vacation and learning seminar, along with networking opportunities within the My Online Business Empire circles.