MOBE’s 2016 Mastermind Dates & Locations Announced

MOBE has finally posted the dates and locations of the Mastermind events for 2016. MOBE stands for My Online Business Empire.

It’s an exciting array of exotic locations and events occurring throughout the year. There’s a good chance one of the events matches anyone’s schedule as well as his or her travel destination desires.

Here’s what to expect for Mastermind 2016

How does Mexico in February sound? There’s a My Online Business Empire Titanium review floating on that internet that details the Mastermind coming up February 19-23, 2016.

Going Platinum instead? March 18-24 you can visit Fiji for that Mastermind Event. Fiji is known for having over 300 tropical islands, located in the South Pacific. Many of the islands are private, owned by resorts which offer all-inclusive vacations complete with gourmet restaurants and premium spas.

Fiji also has white sand beaches and gin-clear water…perfect for snorkeling or just lazing about (or networking with fellow My Online Business Empire attendees).